August 10, 2017 3.22 pm This story is over 50 months old

Lincolnshire is most racist county in UK, claims author and campaigner

She lived in Lincolnshire between 2008 and 2012.

An author and campaigner has claimed that Lincolnshire is the most racist county in the UK, accusing shop workers in Skegness of serving white people before her.

Esther Lawson, who is mixed-race, lived in Lincolnshire between 2008 and 2012 and does not have fond memories of the county, accusing some locals of expressing “open hatred” towards her.

The author of Wogamatter, which recalls her experiences of racism growing up in post-war Britain, said that Stoke on Trent was the first place her family had felt safe.

She said: “Lincolnshire is by far the most racist place I have ever lived, particularly the towns of Spilsby and Skegness where we faced open hatred.

“White people were served before my mother and I in the shops – in 21st century Skegness.

“The sad truth unfortunately is that racism is on the rise in Britain, but today’s racism is about more than just colour prejudice, it’s manifested into xenophobia against anyone from another country be that India, China, Eastern Europe or anywhere else in the world.”

Esther grew up in 1960s Britain and said she was kicked, beaten and called “wog” and “golliwog” at school, and was accused of cheating when she achieved top marks in class.

She said that racist bullies prevented her and other black people from playing in the sandpit near her home.

On one occasion, she said she was knocked unconscious when a large stone was thrown at her and struck her on the head.

When she was just eight-years-old, Esther said she was arrested and charged with 56 criminal charges, later facing a judge in a Sussex courtroom despite being two years below the age of criminal responsibility.

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