Outrage as men seen reportedly beating dog on Lincoln High Street

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Anger and shock has erupted on social media after two men were seen allegedly kicking and punching a dog on Lincoln High Street overnight.

Latest from police:

Local resident Charlene Carlisle took to Facebook after her two daughters, 14 and 11 and friend came to her in distress.

She explained to The Lincolnite that the girls had taken pictures of the men and dog at around 9.40pm outside the Carluccio’s restaurant on Wednesday, August 16 after initially hearing commotion near to the Stonebow.

Her daughter had claimed that the men had beaten the sandy coloured dog, kicking and punching the animal before it collapsed on the ground.

Her post on Facebook read: “They saw these two beat this dog so severely it collapsed, kicking it and punching until the poor dog retaliated, and they’d calm it, comfort it and then attack it again!”

Photos: Charlene Carlisle

Charlene said police attended the scene and checked the dog. “Apparently the dog had no injuries. The lad told police he was play fighting with it as it’s only a puppy.

“I only had my 11-year-old daughter with me and she explained it definitely wasn’t playing.

The girls took photos of the upsetting scene on Lincoln High Street.

“The police officer said they couldn’t take the dog at that point as it was just their word against my daughter’s.

“My daughters and their friend were so upset. They are adamant it wasn’t playing.”

The post quickly attracted a wave of comments from concerned residents.

A group was spotted by a number of witnesses with a dog matching the one pictured at the entrance to Intersport on Lincoln High Street just before 8am on Thursday, August 17.

The dog was laying on a blanket and concerns were once again reported to Lincolnshire Police by witnesses.

Lincolnshire Police have said they are dealing with the incident under log number 68 of today.

Investigating officers are appealing to hear from anyone who saw the incident, and particularly anyone who has video footage.

This story will be updated accordingly.

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