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Video: The Lincolnshire view on Brexit

Take a look at what Lincolnshire residents have had to say on Brexit.

Over the last seven weeks Lincolnshire Reporter has toured the county speaking to both Leave and Remain supporters who voted in last year’s EU referendum.

People in Skegness, Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Grantham and Boston have all had their say on a variety of EU-related topics.

Here are some of the highlights over the last seven weeks:

Immigration and border controls

One of the key issues raised time after time across the county was the issue of immigration and border controls.

Speaking to Lincolnshire Reporter in Skegness, Leave voter Peter Flatt, 68, said: “I think we will be better off without being in the EU. England has managed before and we’ll be fine when we get out.”

By contrast, further north in Cleethorpes, Remain voter Steven Toombs, 69, said: “We need the foreigners to do the vegetable picking in the fields as English people won’t do it these days.”

Back down in Lincoln, Gill Stanton, 71, who voted Leave, said: “Border control should be better and if people who come here and don’t work should be sent back.”

‘We should all work together and try find ways to live in harmony’

On our tour of county, many people were frank about their emotional responses to the Brexit vote, giving their personal recollections of what they did when they found out that the UK had decided to leave the EU.

“To be quite honest, I was heartbroken. I cried,” said Ruth Tringham, 80, in Scunthorpe when she found out the results on the referendum.

On a similar theme, Carolyn Adcock, 54, from Grantham said she believes that “we should all work together and try find ways to live in harmony and not tell all of the foreigners to more or less… go away.”

In Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Reporter met 65-year-old Leave voter Colin Hird, who said: “The amount of money we put in each year is just ridiculous.”

David Lamborn was the most surprising Leave voter we came across when he admitted that he voted to leave the EU, but now regrets it.

He said: “I think it’s a real mess and I think we will be better off remaining in the European Union.”

Take a look in more detail at our interviews with residents in each of the towns and cities we visited below:

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