The voice of Lincoln on homelessness: ‘I definitely think the problem is worse now’

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People in Lincoln are saying they have seen a sharp increase in rough sleeping and begging in the city centre.

The Lincolnite asked people on Lincoln High Street on how they think the problem can be solved.

65-year-old campaigner Elaine Smith, said: “I think the government is to blame, the austerity measures has driven many people onto the street.

“I definitely think the problem has got worse,” added Ollie Ainscough, 29. “It’s not the nicest thing to see if you’re getting approached by a lot of time by [homeless people] asking for money or anything like that.”

Richard Emmerson, 77, suggested that the government should build more homes, but added: “then again, you’ve got council [budgets] that have been cut back.”

When asked if the amount of homeless people on the streets in Lincoln gives the city a bad look, 17-year-old Muma Muma, said: “No, not necessarily because it’s everywhere, it’s not just Lincoln.”

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