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“What about nurses’ wages?” Lincoln MP Karen Lee blasts Budget in Parliament

Lincoln MP Karen Lee criticised what she called a “deafening silence” on social care and nurses’ wages in the Autumn Budget in Parliament.

Lincoln MP Karen Lee criticised what she called a “deafening silence” on social care and nurses’ wages in the Autumn Budget in Parliament.

She also said the economy has “flatlined” and that the stamp duty cut would be of “no use” to people in Lincoln on low wages when she spoke in Parliament on Thursday, November 23.

She said: “The cut in stamp duty is of no use to my constituents on low wages who cannot afford a mortgage, and the OBR says that without an increase in supply, the stamp duty cut will drive prices up.”

Lee added there was a “deafening silence about the 14% drop in wages that nurses have suffered since 2010.

“What about social care? There was another deafening silence about that.

“25% of children in Lincoln live in poverty, and this budget has done nothing for them.

“This Government boast about having a low-tax economy, and the Paradise papers a couple of weeks ago put that statement in a very clear light.

“If we had a fair taxation system, we would not be talking about properly resourcing public services.”

When asked if she would step aside, Karen Lee refused, adding: “No, I will not; I am going to make some progress.

“As a newcomer to the Opposition, I think that Government Members ought to hang their heads in shame, and they ought to wake up and realise what is really going on in this country.

“I can promise them that things are very different in Lincoln from how they are in Taunton.”

Dividing opinion

The Labour MP’s views were previously outlined in a Budget in a column on The Lincolnite. Not all agreed.

David Taylor said: “Quite ironic that she complains how much the Conservatives have borrowed but all Labour want to do is spend, spend, spend. Fully costed of course.

“Don’t believe their clap trap about investing for growth, it might have worked in the 1930s when there was mass unemployment and big infrastructure projects could be started at the drop of a hat.”

David Corfield said: “Karen Lee focuses on one thing only, the hospital services, anything else is totally of no interest to her.

“She rarely, if ever, responds to questions and requests for assistance, she is in awe of her new boss, McDonnell.”

Some were in agreement with their MP’s sentiment. Tony Smith said: “Well done again Karen; what a refreshing change to have an MP prepared to confront the arrogance and indifference of this government for the super wealthy and take the anti EU stuff for the lies and delusions it continues to be.”

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