February 26, 2018 4.47 pm This story is over 45 months old

This is how much your council tax will go up by in Lincoln

Increases across the board.

Residents in Lincoln will pay £77.62 more per year for the average band D property from April.

Ten local authorities in Greater Lincolnshire are set to increase council tax for 2018/19 with residents paying on average £75 more and those in northern Lincolnshire £87.

Across the country, council tax payers are expected to pay on average £107 more after new freedoms to increase council tax were given the green light by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.

Under the plans, councils can now increase council tax by as much as 5.99% without the need for a referendum.

For Lincoln residents the increase is broken down as follows:

Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council will increase its share by 4.95%, this amounts to a £58 increase per year for band D properties taking their total to £1,231.47.

The total amount payable for residents will include the precept for their local district council and precept for Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner will increase its share of council tax by 5.8%; an increase of £11.97 for band D properties from £205.47 to £217.44.

City of Lincoln Council

City of Lincoln Council will raise its share of council tax by 2.95%, equivalent to an increase of £7.65 for band D properties from £259.38 to £267.03.

For the council tax rates across the Greater Lincolnshire area, follow the link below:

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