February 8, 2018 2.19 pm This story is over 53 months old

Police investigate reports of illegal fox hunt north of Lincoln

A fox and a deer were reportedly killed by dogs.

Police are making enquiries into reports of illegal fox hunting in a village north of Lincoln.

Villagers in Glentworth, off the B1938 near Caenby Corner, have said a hunting group were seen pursuing a fox through the village, claiming the fox and a deer were savagely killed by dogs.

The carcass of the chased fox was then reportedly thrown into a van on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 7.

One resident told The Lincolnite: “The fox was seen running past several gardens. It was eventually killed and discreetly removed in the back of a van.”

They added: “Riders spoke to residents and said it was an ‘accident’ and continued along Kexby Road.”

Another villager posted on social media that a deer was “ripped to shreds” in the middle of Kexby village and the fox suffered the same fate on a private lawn “in full view of horrified residents”.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “We did receive a report, incident 232, relating to possible fox hunting in Glentworth.

“Local officers attended but no arrests or seizures were made.

“Our wildlife officer has been made aware and will make enquiries into the incident.”

Anyone with information that would aid police with their enquiries should call 101, quoting incident number 232 of Wednesday, February 7.

Fox hunting with dogs has been outlawed since 2004. The ban forbids the use of dogs to hunt foxes and other wild mammals — including hares — in England and Wales.

Controversially, the ban has not put a complete end to the tradition of countryside hunts, which often work around loopholes in the law by following scent trails rather than foxes.

Many are opposed to the practice, but strong arguments are often aired too by hunting supporters, including Prime Minister Theresa May, who recently u-turned on a possible vote to repeal the ban.