March 8, 2018 11.48 am This story is over 68 months old

Lincolnshire spirit behind speedy recovery of Nigel the puma

Fingers crossed he will make a full recovery.

Well-wishers are sharing waves of support to a popular Lincolnshire Wildlife Park puma, who fell ill this week.

The park in Friskney, Boston has spent the past few days nursing Nigel the puma, who began showing worrying signs he was under the weather.

The park posted on their Facebook page that he had fallen severely ill and had been refusing food on Monday.

Seven members of park staff were on hand for assistance if needed while Fenwold’s Vet Ian Bates and his assistant Jo tried to treat Nigel.

Fenwold’s Vet Ian Bates treated Nigel the puma along with Jo his assistant, with head cat keeper Reece Barwick’s concern clear to see. Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Scores of local people sent their good wishes on social media and have been tentatively watching out for updates.

He was sedated and scanned and the park said on Wednesday that he has finally started to take small amounts of food.

They said in a post on Facebook: “He’s still sleeping a lot but appears to be losing the pain and discomfort.

Photo: Steve Smailes

“He looks a little brighter in his eyes and purred at Steve on completing his dinner.

“Nigel isn’t out of the woods yet but he’s certainly heading in the right direction.

“The overwhelming amount of kind words from all of you guys have definitely gone a long way in helping, if not directly just by the lovely gestures you have poured out.”