April 6, 2018 12.29 pm This story is over 41 months old

Is this Tritton Road driver in the wrong?

Are they in the wrong?

Dash cams can come in handy when catching prangs and misbehaving motorists. They’re also the source of a Lincolnshire YouTube channel highlighting dangerous manoeuvres on local roads. But did this Lincoln driver deserve to appear among them?

The latest video shared by ‘Idiot Drivers in Lincolnshire and the UK’ channel on April 4 shows flow of traffic on a rain soaked Tritton Road.

Some time after the owner of the video continues past a section where two lanes merge into one, a red Seat can be seen travelling onto the other side of the road in order to overtake.

A woman in the dash cam-equipped vehicle is heard exclaiming “Idiot! What an absolute idiot.”

At a glance, the overtaking car appeared to allow space to allow space between oncoming vehicles, but should they have held back after the road narrowed?

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