May 18, 2018 4.37 pm This story is over 40 months old

20-year-old stroke victim shares story

An eye-opening video

A 20-year-old stroke victim who studies at the University of Lincoln has taken to YouTube to share her incredible story.

Luna Jarvis, who studies Film and Media at the university, uploaded a 20 minute video where she tells the story of a stroke she suffered in February.

She reveals how, while suffering from the early symptoms, nobody believed her due to her age. Both university staff and paramedics alike told her “You’re too young to have a stroke.”

A few hours later she collapsed and had to be rushed to A&E where doctors assumed she was just drunk. Eventually after several tests it was revealed she was actually suffering from the condition.

“Everybody can have a stroke, but in the adverts, on the posters, everything – even in the general society and life – it’s perceived as something only old people get” Luna says in the video “but young people get it too. Just because we’re young we’re not off the hook.”

“If you see the signs for a stroke, it probably is one”

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