May 3, 2018 10.00 pm This story is over 40 months old

Recap: City of Lincoln Council election results 2018

City of Lincoln Council election results.

Take a look back at our coverage of the City of Lincoln Council election results 2018 live from the Drill Hall in Lincoln.

The Conservatives made three gains, two from Labour and from an Independent.

Labour retains overall control of the council with 24 councillors.

The Conservatives now have nine.

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3rd May 2018 10:04pm

Good evening!

Hello and welcome to those of you joining us on The Lincolnite 2018 City of Lincoln Council election results liveblog. I’m Stefan Pidluznyj and I will be bringing you the results from all 11 wards as and when they come in during the night.

3rd May 2018 10:12pm

How the count works

Right then, to kick things off, it would be helpful if we all knew how the count will work and what to expect when.

Just a few minutes ago, we spoke to City of Lincoln Council Chief Executive Angela Andrews who has helpfully given you a bit of a rundown of how the evening will unfold.

Polls closed around five minutes ago, so anyone who wanted to vote and has not yet done so… well unfortunately you will now have to wait for the city council election next year.

Ballot boxes will as we speak be heading over to the Lincoln Drill Hall before they will be verified and then counted.

The boxes are checked to begin with and ballot papers are counted to check that the number in the box corresponds with that shown on the Ballot Paper Account. Ballot are split according to candidate and then are counted.

Candidates are invited to check the spoiled ballot papers and may object. Draft declarations for each ward can be discussed with candidates and their agents. At this point, candidates can request a recount.

Once the count is concluded, the results for each ward are declared by the returning officer.

Hopefully, by the early hours of the morning we should begin to have an indication of what most of the results will be.

3rd May 2018 10:16pm

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm at the Lincoln Drill Hall. Well not exactly a storm, but you know what I mean. This picture and the rest of the pictures this evening will be courtesy of our photographer Steve Smailes.

3rd May 2018 10:26pm

Ballot boxes arrive

Boxes have started to arrive at the Drill Hall with a local scout group helping to bring them in.

The counters are wearing all-black to denote their apolitical stance.

As explained before, votes will be first verified before they are then counted.

3rd May 2018 10:40pm

Verifying votes

Votes are now being verified, with the hall starting to fill up.

3rd May 2018 11:03pm

Current make-up of City of Lincoln Council

City of Lincoln Council is currently Labour-dominated, with the party having 26 of the 33 seats.

There are six Conservatives and one Independent, who was elected in 2016 as a Labour candidate.

Even if Labour loses all nine of the seats it is defending next month, it will still retain overall control of the council.

Labour councillors Pete West (Abbey) and Tony Speakman (Carholme) did not stand for re-election.

3rd May 2018 11:29pm

What the parties had to say

In the run up to the election, we spoke to representatives from the four parties fielding candidates in all 11 wards.

Watch what Ric Metcalfe (Labour), Ron Hills (Conservative), Caroline Kenyon (Liberal Democrat), and Natalie Bennett (Green) had to say when we caught up with them.

3rd May 2018 11:33pm


Turnout for this year’s election has been confirmed as 30.33%.

This is slightly down on the last election in 2016 when turnout was 31.27%.

Here is a look back at previous turnout figures for city council elections in this decade:

2016 – 31.3%
2015 – 60.5% (same day as general election)
2014 – 30%
2012 – 26.8%
2011 – 36.4%
2010 – 60.4% (same day as general election)

3rd May 2018 11:40pm

Some familiar faces

Former Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has arrived at the count.

McCartney was the city’s MP from 2010 to 2017 until he was defeated by Labour’s Karen Lee who is also here.

3rd May 2018 11:44pm

Count underway

The count is now underway after verification has finished.

3rd May 2018 11:48pm

Interesting results to look out for

Labour will be looking to hold the nine seats it is defending this year. However, the party will also be aiming to make a gain in the Hartsholme ward, currently held by Conservative Councillor Andrew Kerry, the former Mayor of Lincoln.

A Labour candidate finished just 20 votes behind Councillor Kerry at the 2016 election.

The Conservatives will be aiming to defend the Hartsholme seat, while making gains in Birchwood where they were just three votes off Labour Councillor Paul Gowen two years ago, and in Witham, a ward where they already have two councillors and county councillor Hilton Spratt will be hoping to make it a clean sweep.

Both main parties will be targeting the Minster ward currently held by Independent Councillor Liz Maxwell.

Councillor Maxwell was elected as a Labour candidate in the 2016 city council election, but quit the party just six months later because of what she described as “unresolvable personal issues and disagreements with influential individuals within the Lincoln Constituency Labour Party”.

Both Labour and Conservative candidates were within 100 votes of Councillor Maxwell at the last election.

For parties such as the Liberal Democrats, Greens and UKIP, any candidate elected to City Hall would be seen as a successful evening, and would come as a surprise to most observers.

3rd May 2018 11:57pm

Count in full flow

3rd May 2018 11:59pm

More pictures from the count

4th May 2018 12:02am

Other election results in Lincolnshire

While control of the council is not up for grabs in this year’s election in Lincoln, there is another more tense count taking place up the A46 in Grimsby.

North East Lincolnshire Council is currently a minority-run authority with 17 Labour councillors, 15 Conservative, five Liberal Democrats, three UKIP and one Independent.

Both Labour and the Conservatives will be looking to secure overall control of the council, with the 16 seats up for election plenty to see a change in the balance of power.

Follow the results in North East Lincolnshire as they come in on our sister publication Lincolnshire Reporter.

To get you in the mood, here is a video we did ahead of election day speaking to representatives from Labour, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

4th May 2018 12:32am

Doubtful votes

Candidates have been called to look at doubtful ballots in Birchwood, Hartsholme, Witham and Minster.

4th May 2018 12:58am

Results not too far away now

Hopefully in the next half an hour or so we’ll be able to bring you at least some of the results. They are just going through the doubtful votes for the final ward.

4th May 2018 1:40am

Labour holds Glebe

  • Pat Vaughan (Labour) 775
  • Jenine Butroid (Conservative) 574
  • Fiona McKenna (Green) 115
  • Stephen Lonsdale (Liberal Democrat) 64

4th May 2018 1:42am

Labour holds Castle

  • Loraine Woolley (Labour) 894
  • Tom Roche (Conservative) 553
  • Lynne Allison (Green) 119
  • Diana Catton (Liberal Democrat) 78

4th May 2018 1:44am

Labour holds Carholme

  • Laura McWilliams (Labour and Co-operative) 1,008
  • James Brown (Liberal Democrat) 451
  • Kateryna Salvador (Conservative) 293
  • Nicola Watson (Green) 99
  • Andrew Dunn (UKIP) 47

4th May 2018 2:18am

Labour holds Park

  • Helena Mair (Labour) 819
  • Oliver Peeke (Conservative) 271
  • Sally Horscroft (Green) 110
  • Tony Todd (UKIP) 100
  • Natasha Chapman (Liberal Democrat) 72

4th May 2018 2:19am

Conservatives gain Witham

  • Hilton Spratt (Conservative) 1,127
  • Jane Loffhagen (Labour) 786
  • George Hill (Liberal Democrat) 87
  • Michele Servaud (Green) 69

4th May 2018 2:19am

Conservatives gain Minster

  • Christopher Reid (Conservative) 793
  • Rebecca Longbottom (Labour) 742
  • Liz Maxwell (Independent) 154
  • Nicole Pouncey (Liberal Democrat) 92
  • Ivan Chafen (Green) 63

4th May 2018 2:20am

Labour holds Abbey

  • Bill Bilton (Labour) 850
  • Richard Butroid (Conservative) 348
  • Clare Smalley (Liberal Democrat) 311
  • Edward Francis (Green) 126

4th May 2018 2:20am

Conservatives gain Birchwood

  • Alan Briggs (Conservative) 786
  • Paul Gowen (Labour and Co-operative) 654
  • Elaine Warde (UKIP) 100
  • Adam Carnie (Liberal Democrat) 68
  • Ben Loryman (Green) 49

4th May 2018 2:21am

Conservatives hold Hartsholme

  • Andy Kerry (Conservative) 1,031
  • Liz Bushell (Labour) 783
  • John Radford (Green) 169
  • Jamie Gurden (Liberal Democrat) 69

4th May 2018 2:21am

Labour holds Moorland

  • Adrianna McNulty (Labour) 785
  • Sharon Longthorne (Conservative) 664
  • Ross Pepper (Liberal Democrat) 59
  • Christopher Padley (Green) 54

4th May 2018 2:22am

Labour holds Boultham

  • Gary Hewson (Labour and Co-operative) 848
  • Simon Pouncey (Conservative) 453
  • Simon Tooke (Green) 71
  • Kian Hearnshaw (Liberal Democrat) 69

4th May 2018 2:23am

New make-up of City of Lincoln Council

There are now 24 Labour councillors on City of Lincoln Council, with the party losing two of the wards it was defending this evening.

Incumbent councillors Gary Hewson, Loraine Woolley, Pat Vaughan, Adrianna McNulty and Helena Mair will all be returning to City Hall.

The Conservatives made three gains, taking Minster from Independent Liz Maxwell and Witham and Birchwood from Labour.

Former Mayor of Lincoln Andy Kerry also retained his Hartsholme seat.

They now have nine councillors.

Two of the new Conservative councillors Christopher Reid and Hilton Spratt both serve as county councillors, with the latter having been a city councillor on and off since the 1980s.

As before, there are no Liberal Democrat, Green or UKIP councillors.

4th May 2018 2:31am

Conservative group leader on results

Councillor Ron Hills, Leader of the Opposition on City of Lincoln Council, said his party bucked the trend with the results in making three gains.

4th May 2018 2:40am

City council leader on results

Councillor Ric Metcalfe has put a positive spin on this evening’s results, claiming that it had been a pretty good night for Labour.

He said that the seats his party had lost were very marginal ones.

4th May 2018 2:44am

Well that just about rounds things off here at the Drill Hall. Thank you to those of you who have stayed up into the early hours of the morning and followed the results as they have come in.