June 22, 2018 2.31 pm This story is over 42 months old

Lincoln beggar was not homeless

He now has a criminal behaviour order against him

A Lincoln beggar with his own house has been given a criminal behaviour order to stop him from asking for money in the city centre.

Police said he was simply using begging as a way of making money.

The order issued to Eamonn Walsh, 46, at Lincoln Magistrates Court has been put in place for three years, expiring in June 2021.

This follows numerous charges of begging in Lincoln, particularly in the Bailgate area.

He will now not be allowed to ask for money or put himself in a position to gather money within a designated zone.

If he was to do so he would breach the order, which could result in a custodial sentence.

Sergeant for the City Centre Policing Team Jon Mellor said: “We want to reiterate the message that a large number of people begging in our city actually have homes, and Eamonn Walsh is among that number.

“We have every sympathy with people who genuinely have nowhere to live and we will do all we can to support them in getting access to the agencies who can help them with short and long term living arrangements.

However the issue of people who are not homeless, begging simply as a way of making money, will not go away whilst well meaning people continue give on the street. This diverts money from those vulnerable people who really need it and leads to more and more begging which can be persuasive, aggressive and intimidating.

“We fully support the diverted giving scheme which is a way of donating money to local charities working alongside those who need your contributions most.”

Eamonn Walsh, 46. Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Diverted giving scheme

Lincoln BIG is leading the diverted giving scheme, which has support from a partnership containing businesses, local charities, the NHS and Police, along with the city and county councils.

For more information about the scheme and how to donate click here.

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