June 11, 2018 4.11 pm This story is over 65 months old

Residents object to Lincoln village ‘gutter gardens’

Growing out of control

After one resident spotted weeds in gutters and between roads and pavements, he thinks that it is a problem that could grow out of control.

A resident living in Washingborough near Lincoln took to social media to share his photos of weeds that were growing on the side of the road.

Peter Kent posted several photos on the “You’re probably from Lincoln if” group of weeds growing in gutters and on the side of the road.

He added that this was “gutter-gardening at its very best. Trending now in a street near you!”

Weeds growing in the drain cover. Photo: Peter Kent

Speaking to The Lincolnite, Peter said that the problem has not been this bad in the 20 years that he has been living in Washingborough.

He said: “People understand that money is being spent on other projects in the city, but it is at the expense of basic maintenance.

“The recent warm weather has resulted in a lot of weeds, but we need to deal with it quickly before the roots set in and cause even more problems.

“Treating the weeds twice a year is totally inadequate. I think that it needs to be done twice a month, and I don’t think that it would be unreasonable. If that means paying more council tax then so be it.”

Weeds growing on the side of the road. Photo: Peter Kent.

Another resident, Jo Eastwood, said that everyone needs to work together to tidy up the streets.

She said: “Council don’t seem to do weeds. But when I weed my drive, I do the frontage of my house. If we all did this it would make the street look tidier. It doesn’t take long, let’s all smarten up our own street.”

More weeds growing into a storm drain. Photo: Peter Kent.

In response, a Lincolnshire County Council spokesperson said: “We’ll be carrying out two cycles of weed treatment this year.

“Our team are currently in this area, but it will take around three weeks for the weeds to die back following the treatment.

“The second cycle of treatment is due to begin in mid-August.”