July 31, 2018 4.56 pm This story is over 64 months old

Skegness donkey staff breakdown after online abuse

People confused the donkey rides company with Epton’s donkeys

The owner of a donkey ride in Skegness has spoken out after a member of staff was called a ‘f*cking b*tch’ on the beach and broke down in tears.

As previously reported, a Facebook post raised concerns for the welfare of the donkeys, claiming that the animals were ‘ready to collapse’ in the heat.

The post was shared thousands of times and Kim Beasley, who created the post, told Lincolnshire Reporter that the public were ‘angry and compassionate.’

East Lindsey District Council later visited the donkeys and said that they were happy with the conditions, despite the criticism from residents and visitors.

After the concerns were raised, some residents started to abuse the staff at a separate donkey ride company in Skegness.

John Nuttall, owner of Donkey Tack UK, shared a picture of a member of staff hugging one of the donkeys and said that she had “just broke[n] down.”


He told Lincolnshire Reporter: “We have all been tarred with the same brush. We have always had shades up and look after our donkeys well.

“But people saw that post and confused us with the other donkey rides company. They started to abuse my staff online and then one woman came up to one of our girls on the beach and called her a ‘wh*re’ and a ‘f*cking b*tch.'”

“Our first priority has always been the donkeys, that’s how travellers work. It is time that I spoke out, these Facebook trolls have been bullying my staff and it’s out of order.”