August 30, 2018 3.49 pm This story is over 39 months old

Holy cow! What to expect at Lincoln’s new burger bar

This new restaurant is going to make your mouth water

A new restaurant will be opening next month in the West Parade area of Lincoln, but the owner says that it will be more than just a burger bar.

Kine started out as a pop-up restaurant for events around Lincoln, but it is now opening in place of the former Optimist Wine Bar on West Parade.

The restaurant will be taking a seasonal approach to food, and will serve locally sourced beef, as well as vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Owner of Kine, Jason Lord-Castle, has been busy working behind the scenes to set up the restaurant and refine the menu.

The restaurant is still being set up, but it will be opening in September. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite.

Jason told The Lincolnite: “When we started as a pop-up serving people at events, it would always sell out fast and it was so well received.

“We want our customers to not only enjoy incredible burgers but also a unique menu with a real connection between local produce to plate.

What’s on the menu? Photo: Kine

What’s on the menu? Photo: Kine

What’s on the menu? Photo: Kine

“Kine will be an intimate, relaxed, sit down restaurant with a great selection of wines and bottled beers along with a local lager on tap.”

The burger restaurant is currently advertising for jobs in the kitchen and front of house.

The restaurant is advertising for new members of staff. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite.

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