Lincoln firm wins £5m investment contract

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Lincoln-based Harriet-George Legal Consultants have been contracted to drive a £5 million investment into a 13th century castle in Staffordshire.

Due to the present-day costs for maintaining the Grade I listed buildings such as Caverswall Castle, a significant income stream is now an essential requirement for all owners of such properties.

Caverswall Castle was built in 1275 and sits within 35 acres of rolling Staffordshire countryside.

The castle is privately owned and has been renovated extensively for business purposes.

It has 18 bedrooms, nine reception rooms, 13 bathrooms, a dungeon and a library among many other amenities.

The castle decor and facility provision have been designed to attract high-end customers, boasting guest accommodation that exceeds five stars standard, with luxurious additions such as jacuzzis, four poster beds and marble floors with underfloor heating.

Robin MacDonald of Caverswall Castle said: “I have been very pleased to hand the £5million contract in respect of Caverswall Castle to H&G.

“The business plan devised by Mr Toby Taylor has opened my eyes to the exciting opportunities and income streams available.”

Toby Taylor’s legal consultancy firm Harriet & George works with St Joseph’s Asset Management and international group Mondragon to bring inward investment into Lincolnshire and the UK

Toby Taylor, Legal Consultant at H&G, said: “We are very humble and extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to market this impressive castle.

“Our clients’ decision to award the contract to H&G was based purely on our expertise in the international investment property arena.”

H&G are also working on a range of Lincoln and Lincolnshire investment projects which will be announced in due course.

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