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Lincolnite vs Food: Four challenges you can try

4 food challenges — 4 crushing defeats

Four challenges. Four failures. The Lincolnite tried its best to conquer some of Lincoln’s toughest food challenges but even with a little help from our readers, failed to make the grade.

Our summer food challenge series saw us seek out mountains of meat, platters of ice cream and seriously spicy hot wings, but no matter the challenge — we were beaten at every turn.

If you fancy following in our footsteps, and hopefully doing a little better, or missed one of our earlier videos, here’s a roundup of the challenges we’ve attempted so far.

Ice Cream Extravaganza at Kaspa’s Desserts

15 scoops of Italian ice-cream served on a bed of home-made Kaspa’s waffles topped with syrup, sprinkles, nuts and wafers. A tasty treat for a family of four, but a serious challenge for a single eater.

The Ice Cream Extravaganza is available at Kaspa’s Desserts on Clasketgate and costs £27.95

Apocalypse Cow at Nosey Parker

Got a mouth for meat? The massive burger features a brioche bun, four beef patties, two slices of cheese, fried onions, four slices of bacon, BBQ pulled pork and iceberg lettuce. Served on the side with onion rings, coleslaw, seasoned fries and a pot of BBQ sauce.

It’s one of several challenges available at Nosey Parker at Tritton Road and costs £10.29.

Seven Deadly Wings at Huckleberry’s Bar & Grill

For this spicy challenge The Lincolnite had to pull in a little help from one of our readers – paramedic Steve Pratten.

The challenge consists of seven chicken wings coated in a spicy chilli sauce, bringing a heat level of around seven to 11 million scovilles. Challengers have just seven minutes to tackle the fiery feast and must wait an additional five minutes before washing them down with milk or water.

The seven wings cost £7 and are avaliable from Huckleberry’s Bar & Grill on Clasketgate.

Double XL Stacker at Lion & Snake

This colossal burger challenge consists of four beef burgers, two macaroni and cheese burgers, BBQ sauce, four rashers of bacon and two portions of cheese – with two jalapeño poppers on top, large fries and a large coleslaw.

If you want to take on the challenge yourself, it is available on Mondays at The Lion & Snake for £10.49 as part of their two-for-one burger deal.

According to the manager, the challenge has never before been completed. Could you be the first to defeat the meat?

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