September 12, 2018 5.16 pm This story is over 38 months old

From Lincoln High Street: What young people think about Brexit

Young people had opposing views on Lincoln High Street

Anti-Brexit youth activists were in Lincoln on Wednesday to hear young people’s thoughts on EU negotiations and deliver them via giant postcard to MP Karen Lee’s surgery.

The group Our Future, Our Choice, which campaigns for a second ‘people’s vote’ on the final Brexit deal, were set up in Speaker’s Corner to engage with young people about their views.

The group were asking people to write their thoughts on the postcard measuring 4 meters squared, which they then hand delivered to Karen Lee’s surgery on Newland, Lincoln.

Femi Oluwole, co-founder and spokesperson for Our Future, Our Choice said: “We’re here today to engage with young people about Brexit and find out what the real problems are in Lincoln.

“There’s a real disconnect between politics and the people. Young people voted overwhelming to remain. By 2021 we will have a population who will have to deal with the consequences of something they didn’t vote for.”

The Lincolnite spoke to some young people on the High Street to get their views on Brexit.

Luke from Mansfield said: “It’s very different for lots of people. My family are pro-Brexit whereas I’m not. I also feel people voted for Brexit mostly because of immigration over anything else.”

Students Warren and Jim

Students Warren and Jim also had their views. Warren said: “We’re annoyed we didn’t get to vote as we weren’t 18 at the time of the election so our futures were essentially decided for us. If we could have voted, it would have been to leave. I think we should advocate for a hard Brexit and get on with it.”

Jim said: “We were a successful country before we joined the EU, but then we were crushed by them once we joined. I think we need to move on with leaving now.”

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