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See inside Lincolnshire’s new helicopter accommodation

It is expected to be open by mid-September

An iconic Lynx Helicopter is taking shape as family holiday accommodation on the former RAF Wainfleet site.

As previously reported, director at Homestead Property Lets Ltd Will Roughton bought the site after the land was closed by the MOD and invested around £20,000 in the inventive project.

Will told Lincolnshire Reporter that he is waiting for the last few elements to arrive, but he expects the accommodation, which will be available as a bolt on, to open by mid-September.

Come and take a look inside! Photo: Will Roughton

It will be bookable online here and customers will book one of the bunkers or the tower and on request can then pay £35 a night for the helicopter as an extra.

It will be marketed as a bolt on, but Will’s plans are to eventually convert an old generator shed into a shower and toilet block, allowing the helicopter to be used more like a camping pod.

Inside the converted helicopter accommodation. Photo: Will Roughton

He told Lincolnshire Reporter: “I’d like to be able to test the water before the summer is out in preparation for next year and hope to open by mid-September.

“We have already started work on a separate toilet/shower/kitchen block that will then allow it to be marketed as a stand alone glamping pod by next year.”

More of the inside of the converted helicopter accommodation. Photo: Will Roughton

The accommodation

The Military Westland Lynx Helicopter will sit on the same site as the 1970s control tower and three RAF bunkers, which he has already renovated.

The cockpit controls will remain in place for visitors, but hopefully with a few buttons wired up so that lights come on and possible sound effects for children to enjoy.

The main part of the helicopter will then be separate to achieve a high-standard finish, so a window will be put in to stop drafts, but allow the guests to see into the tail which still has all of its original workings. These are now lit up by green LEDs on the length of the tail.

The accommodation space itself will consist of a sofa bed, coffee table, mini bar, TV, Kettle and all necessary accompaniments.

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