October 17, 2018 12.16 pm This story is over 36 months old

Lincoln business invests in UK’s second incontinence chair for women

New treatment available in Lincoln

Women suffering from incontinence issues in Lincoln can now consider a new form of treatment that’s only the second of its kind in the UK.

Body Lipo Lincoln on High Street has invested in a EMSella chair, described as a revolutionary new procedure to treat urinary incontinence.

It doesn’t come cheap. Six half hour sessions are required for the treatment at a total cost of £1,500.

The chair, designed in the USA, uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate and restore the pelvic floor muscle without the need for invasive surgery.

Louise White, owner at Body Lipo Lincoln

Louise White, owner of Body Lipo Lincoln, explained: “Urinary incontinence is a condition which affects women of all ages and there is very little help or treatment on offer.

“Many women just suffer in silence because of the terrible stigma it carries, so this simple treatment is revolutionary and can transform somebody’s life in a very positive way.

The chair sends electromagnetic pulses

“The EMSella chair sends 11,000 electromagnetic pulses to the pelvic floor muscle in each 30 minute session, exercising and toning the muscle beyond what can be achieved naturally.

“Many of our clients who have just started the treatment, have already reduced their use of sanitary pads, which is fantastic to hear.”

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