October 18, 2018 3.43 pm This story is over 61 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Will a second footbridge be worth it?

“The money is probably better spent elsewhere”

Work to build a second footbridge in Lincoln city centre will start soon leading to months of closures – will the investment be worth it?

As previously reported, the installation of the Brayford Wharf footbridge was due to start at the beginning of the month but was delayed until Monday, October 29.

Work will continue until Monday, May 6 2019.

Now the construction of footbridge seems to be on the right track, we asked people waiting at both level crossings in Lincoln whether it will be worth the wait?

Ewan Grainger told The Lincolnite that the Brayford footbridge should have been installed much earlier.

“I think the High Street footbridge should have been built here, it’s a much busier road.

“Obviously now I am in my last year of university so I will never see it completed.”

Lucy Toogood: “Most of the time we are waiting for quite a while, like for instance we have just had to wait for three trains.

“I have seen a few people as the barriers come down try to run under before the train comes.”

While The Lincolnite was filming for this piece, we saw a few people risk their lives by running across the crossing while train barriers were coming down.

Despite the building of a £12 million footbridge by Network Rail, many shoppers would rather wait than use the bridge.

“I’m not in a hurry,” said Maggie Darks. “It’s a nice warm day and I would much rather wait, it’s just not a problem for me.

“The money is probably better spent elsewhere, we have had so many problems with the footbridge.

Gill Smith said: “We have just come out for the day so I don’t get into the stress of rushing about.

“As it has just happened, it was just one train so by the time you’ve gone up and down the other side you might just as well have waited.”

Watch the full video to see why people don’t use the footbridge and to see whether a second footbridge would be welcomed.