November 30, 2018 9.28 am This story is over 37 months old

Grit ready to name Lincolnshire’s gritters

Try get the approval of Gritchard Davies

Spread the word and grit ready to be creative and help Lincolnshire County Council come up with names for its four biggest gritters.

Over the next two weeks people can put their ideas forward before the best will be selected, who already suggested Spread-ie Mercury or Basil Salty.

Think of a swift response like Usain Salt or maybe Brad Grit or Grita Garbo can help you out.

David Plowie, Gritany Spears and Nicole Saltslinger are a few more suggestions, but please don’t let it be called Gritty McGritface.

Councillor Clio Perraton-Williams, Executive Support Councillor for Highways, said: “A number of counties have already come up with some great names for their gritters, but we’re sure Lincolnshire can do better.

“We’re looking for something creative and original – Gritty McGritface just isn’t going to cut it.

“And you’ll get extra points if can come with something Lincolnshire related, like Al-Spread Lord Tennyson, Mar-Grit Thatcher or Danny Plough-ley.

“You can share your suggestions with us on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #WittyGritty but you’ll need to get them in by midday on Friday 14 December.”

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