November 1, 2018 12.24 pm This story is over 36 months old

Loake traditional shoes firm to open Lincoln factory shop

They are advertising for new staff members

A traditional English shoemakers is set to open its first Lincoln store, with outlet lines and prices.

Loake has been busy renovating an empty shop on Clasketgate and is now advertising for three new staff members.

The new factory shop will offer quality mens shoes at a discount of around 30 to 40%. Designs chosen to be stocked at the Lincoln store will include end-of-line styles.

Shoes on the company’s website range from £110 and go all the way up to £235. The factory shop in Lincoln will offer shoes from £85 to £185.

A poster was put up at the store. Photo: Emily Norton for The Lincolnite

James North, managing director at North Shoes which operates outlet stores on behalf of Loakes, told The Lincolnite: “I think that it’s something that Lincoln will really like.

“Everybody loves to spend less money, but this way you are still buying a quality English product.

“We have had lots of applications since were put out the advertisement. Over 100 people have applied so far.”

A poster was put up in the window of the new store which reads: “Full-time staff required. Interested? Send your C.V to [email protected]

Every week the Lincoln store will have a delivery of shoes from the Loakes factories.

The company prides itself on handmade footwear dating back to 1880, when a factory was set up in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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