November 26, 2018 12.24 pm This story is over 36 months old

Residents boycott Lincoln car park after “ridiculous” fines

People say it’s ridiculous

Residents are planning to boycott a Lincoln car park after they introduced new £100 fines for “leaving the site.”

As previously reported, the free car park at Tritton Road retail park has started charging drivers if they are seen leaving the area.

Drivers have not been warned about the change of rules, except for a small yellow notice on the signs.

It reads: “If you leave this site whilst this vehicle remains in the car park you may be liable to receive a parking charge.”

Many reacted in anger at the new rule, with some residents calling for a boycott on the car park.

The only notice given to drivers.

“This is ridiculous,” wrote Nicole Stacey. “Car parking charges are bad enough in the city centre and now they’re getting pedantic about this.”

Charlotte Irons said: “I went to park there today and the guy was putting tickets on every car. I can’t believe it, I swiftly moved to another car park.”

Mike Hodges said: “This happened at a new retail park in Scunthorpe. The locals got so outraged that they boycotted the place.

“It was successful as the ‘now leaving the car park’ rule got reversed at the behest of the retailers. Perhaps that could work here?”

Holly Whiteside said: “For god’s sake. They would charge us for breathing if they could.”

Parking wardens issue £100 fines if people are seen leaving the retail park.

Hannah Murphy called the charges a ‘joke’ and wrote: “They wonder why the High Street is struggling. Outrageous parking fees all though Lincoln.

“Now there’s this for people popping to St Mark’s after shopping at the Tritton Road retail park. Absolute joke! Well done UKPC, hope your bonuses are worth it. Merry Christmas.”

Jackie Duggan said: “Bloody disgusting. [It] makes my blood boil.”

While Kerry Ingrey wrote: “Boycott!! Boycott!! Boycott!!”

The company which operates the car park, UKPC, were embroiled in a scandal in 2015 where drivers appealed against fraudulent parking tickets.

A former warden previously told The Lincolnite how attendants were encouraged to ‘bend the rules’ for bonuses.

Earlier this year, the same company was fined in court after refusing to help an investigation into fly-tipping.

The Lincolnite contacted the UKPC for comment but nobody was available to talk.

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