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Your best Lincolnshire gritter name suggestions

Yellowbellies showing true grit

After ploughing through the name suggestions for Lincolnshire County Council’s four biggest gritters The Lincolnite compiled a list of some of the best suggestions from readers.

As previously reported, people can put their ideas forward to the council over the next two weeks, through Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #WittyGritty.

For a rapid service maybe Usain Salt would be rather apt, but let’s try and impress councillors, including Gritchard Davies with more suggestions.

Entires must be in by midday on Friday, December 14.

A truly grit Yellowbellis effort:

  • Richard Smith – Spread Shearen and Taylor Drift
  • Dan Jessop – Spready Mercury and Noel Spreadmans
  • Angela Hall – Pete (in memory of her dad who drove gritters for the council for many years, who passed away this summer)
  • Luke Vickers – Mary Gritmas
  • Lorna Gallimore – Gritney Spears
  • Daniel Jaines – Keith Ice-land
  • Sarah Jane – The Lincolnshire Gritwolders
  • Linda Verney – All that gritters is cold
  • Josh Russell – Grit Jagger
  • Chris Haith – Spread Flintstone
  • Stuart Wheatley – Gritter Sweet Symphony
  • Gary Rix – Ice Skate Newton
  • Dale Campbell – Spready Prince Jr
  • Steve Meek – Egrit Smith (Edith Smith, first woman police officer in UK)
  • Phil Scotney – Brex-grit
  • Rog Marsh – Grit Expectations
  • Sarah Webster – Brad Grit
  • Ashley Hurst – Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
  • Nick Barnfield – Grit faced
  • Niki Barry & Miles Line – Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney
  • Jonny Parkin – Cliff Gritchard
  • Adam Hoe – Get your Grits out
  • Sheron Frances Clixby – Ice sac Newton
  • Mark Wakerley – Margrit Thatcher
  • @rastang_233 – Ice-2-c-u
  • Jonathan Fitzgerald – I’m a Celeb-gritty…Grit Me Out of Here
  • Gaz Tyler – Oops I Grit Again
  • Paul Gibson – The Grittest Snowman and That’s The Way Aha, Aha, I like Grit
  • And not forgetting Rule Grittania, David Plowie, Usain Salt, Nicola Saltslinger, Spready Mercury, Lionel Gritchie, Gritney Houston, Salt Disney and Gritilla the Hun.
  • Or why not name it after Lincoln City management duo Danny and Gritty Cowley?

Lincolnshire’s gritters were given a special blessing to pray for safety on the county’s roads earlier this month.

In what has become an annual tradition, the Bishop of Grantham visited the Sturton By Stow depot on November 5 for the ceremony.

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