January 7, 2019 10.20 am This story is over 35 months old

Video: Driver hits out at ‘outside lane hoggers’

Is undertaking the real problem on the A46?

There are rising complaints from drivers in Lincoln that people are forced to undertake on the A46 bypass by so-called ‘lane hoggers’. It’s feeding into a wider debate about dual carriageway misuse in and around the city.

The issue has sparked one motorist to contact The Lincolnite with a dashcam recording showing what he described as “selfish and inconsiderate sitting in the outside lane” between the Skellingthorpe and Carholme roundabouts.

In the footage, a white van in front of the recording vehicle is seen to move into the empty outside lane and stay there for some time.

The speed shown in the camera information hovers around 65 mph as the recording driver makes the decision to undertake on the inside lane.

Previously, dash cam shots of undertaking motorists and erratic driving have caused equal outrage. 

In response, the Lincolnite reader suggested ‘lane hoggers’ could be at fault.

Dual carriageways are often the source of debate in Lincoln. Drivers recently pleaded with others to properly use dual lanes on Canwick Hill, were traffic often builds despite an empty outside carriageway.

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