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Lincoln beauty business launches plastic-free crowdfunding pledge

Find out inside how you can help

A local company has launched a crowdfunder in its bid to become Lincoln’s first independent plastic-free beauty business.

KiteNest, which was set up in 2015, is a family-run company making 100% natural, individually crafted cosmetics in Lincolnshire.

The products are handmade by Chris Staples and Markus Coulson using the finest natural ingredients without the addition of any parabens or palm-oil. The items ranging from hair wax and salt scrubs to lip balms and body butter, are never tested on animals.

KiteNest recently discovered a plant-based alternative to the plastic lids of their Organic Dry Shampoo. Plans are also underway to create zero-waste deodorant bars.

A new crowdfunder was launched to help KiteNest achieve a plastic-free future and improve its zero-waste offering. It has so far raised over £1,900 of its £7,000 target, which would help it move to entirely plastic-free packaging.

The company said “by pledging to this campaign, you’ll be replacing our plastic lids with a natural plant-based alternative, making plastic a thing of the past at KiteNest”. Every pledge above £13 earns the customer one of the new plastic-free Organic Dry Shampoo tubes.

Plastic-free organic dry shampoo. Photo: KiteNest

KiteNest Co-Founder Markus Coulson said: “We’re so close to being 100% plastic free. We’ve worked very hard to remove plastics from our business, right down to our packaging. With the final piece of the puzzle now available, we’re really excited to raise the funds needed to transform our plastic-lids into plant-based ones.

“Our only set back to going 100% plastic-free is that the creators of the plant lids require a minimum order of 15,000 lids and tubes. As a small, family-run company, placing such a large order is completely out of our grasp.”

KiteNest Co-Founders Chris Staples and Markus Coulson.

Markus’ fellow Co-Founder Chris Staples added: “This is such an exciting opportunity for our customers and those environmentally-conscious to be part of the plastic solution. It’s their investment that will make KiteNest a completely zero-waste business, and they’re going to get some fantastic rewards by getting involved!

“This is the most important change we can make. Right now, the planet needs companies like us to make sustainable choices and changes. Although this biodegradable plastic-free lid is more expensive than our plastic ones, we’re going to make the change without any hesitation.”

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