April 18, 2019 5.17 pm This story is over 36 months old

Mamma Mia: New Italian bistro opening in Lincoln

Not long to wait for the opening

Get ready to be served up some authentic Italian cuisine when a new bistro opens in Lincoln next week.

Mamma’s Italian Bistro will open in the former Morgans Bistro at Alexander Walk at the Carlton Centre on Saturday, April 27.

The current restaurant will close from the evening of Thursday, April 18 for a refit before reopening as Mamma’s Italian Bistro.

Mamma’s Italian Bistro will open with a launch event at 7pm on the Saturday evening and a month-long discount to encourage people to sample the Italian delights.

There will also be music, entertainment and tasters from the menu at the launch event for local businesses and residents. Anyone wishing to attend can register on the bistro’s Facebook page here.

The bistro will be open for breakfast and lunch Monday to Saturday. It will also open for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.

There will also be a selection of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. It is also hoped that in the coming months the bistro will introduce takeaways, as well as a Sunday lunch offering.

Mamma’s Italian Bistro, which is owned by Sharon and Roger Day, will continue to support the staff formerly employed by Morgans Bistro.

Co-owner Sharon said: “We love Italy as much as we love Lincoln, and are thrilled to be working with our Italian Head Chef Fabio Marcelli and traditional suppliers based in Puglia in the beautiful countryside of southern Italy.

“As well as bringing a slice of Italy to this area of Lincoln, we’re also pleased to be reviving this much-loved location for the local community.”

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