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Independents want to “get what we can” from Europe before leaving

The Brexit debate is “over” they say

Independent candidates standing for the EU elections have said “the leave or stay debate is history” when it comes to Brexit – instead it’s now about getting the most out of Europe before we go.

Marianne Overton, leader of the Independent Network and the Lincolnshire Independents and vice chairman of the Local Government Association, is standing under the banner for this year’s elections for the East Midlands.

She called the area the “forgotten region” and called for proper funding from the EU.

“We believe our industry and businesses have been allowed to fail to a shadow of their former selves while other countries have seen massive investment… and they’ve thrived.

“We’ve been missing out, we’ve been short-changed by our Government and Europe and we deserve better.”

“We are letting down this generation and must do better. This is our last in this remaining time, let’s get what we can from Europe,” she added.

She said although Independent Network members had the right to speak and vote as they wished, the candidates had agreed between them that the Brexit debate was over.

“The debate of stay or leave is history,” she said.

“What we now need to focus on is accepting the democratic decision – a clean exit – and what we now need to make sure is we get the best we can.

“We can’t do that by just sending self-serving politicians. You have to have local people rooted in their communities who can really speak powerfully about the impact of the various reductions in funding we’ve had and how we can do so much better,” she said.

Councillor Overton was one of 22 independent candidates to win seats at North Kesteven District Council at least week’s local elections – potentially putting her in the running to be leader of the authority.

The shift in public votes saw the ruling Conservative party lose eight votes and overall control.

Councillor Overton said she was confident at least one member of the Independent Network could be elected, giving a voice to local people without party political involvement.

Prime Minister Theresa May and EU Council President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The world has changed, this last election and the whole wave of protests the length and breadth of the country on every aspect show people are no longer satisfied to allow party politics to interfere with actually getting what local people need and want,” she said.

“We believe we can make a significant change riding on that wave of protests, its time, our future is independent.”

The European Parliament elections will take place on May 23.

Other parties including Change UK, Labour, Conservatives, The Brexit Party, UKIP, The Green Party and Liberal Democrat candidates will also stand for election on polling day in the East Midlands. You can find a full list of them here.

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