June 24, 2019 4.34 pm This story is over 28 months old

‘Laughing gas’ discovery leaves local mother outraged

She wants to raise awareness among other parents

The mother of an 11-year-old boy was left disgusted after her son found what she believes to be more than 40 ‘laughing gas’ canisters in the beck in Heighington.

Laura Kerry told The Lincolnite that her son Ethan found the Nitrous Oxide canisters at the side of his grandmother’s house on Saturday, June 22. She said even more were found again on the Sunday by her son and his friend.

Her son gave them to his grandmother straight away who she said then disposed of the canisters.

She claims further canisters were found by a friend, who had taken her two young children to the park to play when making the discovery.

Laura plans to report her son’s findings to the police soon and wants to raise awareness for other parents to avoid any worse outcomes in the future.

She said: “I feel utterly disgusted that my son of 11-years-old was left to find these, but also very proud that my son let his grandma know about them.

“As soon as he knew they were safe to touch he picked them all out of the beck with his friend to save harming of animals and the environment, or for any young children to find them. Ethan said they’re not good to be left for the environment.

“I think the volume of them is scary as it starves oxygen from your brain I believe. That in itself is so dangerous. I think people need to be aware that it’s happening in Heighington so that parents can keep an eye on the children a little bit closer before anything serious happens.”

Nitrous Oxide is a colourless non-flammable glass also known as laughing gas. The laughing gas name comes from the euphoric effects it gives off upon inhaling it.

If the user is in good health and understands the risks involved it can be a safe drug, but people have died from oxygen starvation when using unsafe methods to try to breath large amounts of it for extended periods of time.

Police have warned of the dangers of taking potentially deadly nitrous oxide, also known as ‘laughing gas’, after offenders broke into a private hospital in Lincoln and stole a number of cylinders. Two men were later charged in relation to this.

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