June 13, 2019 10.14 am This story is over 29 months old

“What’s that accent?”: Lincolnshire reviews Wild Bill

Lincolnshire Police questioned “criminal inaccuracies”

A much-anticipated Boston cop drama arrived for the first time on our screens last night, but the bizarre accents of the actors seems to have overshadowed the story.

Starring major US actor Rob Lowe and set in the not so sleepy town of Boston, people in Lincolnshire have been looking forward to this one.

But the show, which follows detective Bill Hixon from Miami, has got people questioning what they’re hearing.

One criticism that seems to stand out the most is what seems to be a lack of Lincolnshire-born actors.

Josie Jugsy watched the start of the six-episode series and said: “Could they not get any Lincolnshire actors? They are all from Yorkshire or Lancashire by the sound of it.”

Mimi Imelda asked: “Why do they all sound like they’re from Yorkshire?”

Even Lincolnshire Police couldn’t resist commenting on some of the “criminal” inaccuracies.

Muriel is a big Imps fan. Photo: ITV

“Ever watched police drama with someone who works for the police? We are ten minutes into Wild Bill and some of the inaccuracies are criminal. We’ll try our best not to point them all out.”

The accent isn’t the only thing that got people speaking though.

Bill’s new colleague Muriel Yeardsley, played by Bronwyn James, was a fan of Lincoln City rather than the town’s own team Boston United.

Richard Hardesty replied to Lincolnshire Police’s tweet to say that “he has never seen an Imps scarf in Boston before.”

Experts also had a few questions about the “confusing drama,” with many outlets rating it around two to three stars out of five.

Carol Midgley wrote in The Times that the show had an identity crisis.

She asked: “Can a drama that involves the attempted suicide of a bullied 14-year-old girl and the severed head of a 19-year-old woman call itself comedy?

“Amazingly, though, it’s not completely terrible.”

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