July 8, 2019 10.05 am This story is over 52 months old

Inside beautiful Lincoln house left to rot

It was once used to treat people with mental health problems

An urban explorer has been inside a beautiful Lincoln house, which was once used to treat people with mental health problems before it was left to rot for 16 years.

The house, on Lindum Terrace, was ear-marked for renovation in 2018 but remains boarded up and abandoned to this day.

Some called it a “crying shame” when Henry Shaw posted pictures of it on a community Facebook group called You’re Probably from Lincoln If.

Photo: Henry Shaw

Photo: Henry Shaw

Photo: Henry Shaw

His pictures showed how the ceilings and walls were rotting while graffiti seems to be covering much of the property.

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust put 12 Lindum House up for sale at £750,000 in 2007 before it was sold to developers in the same year.

Graffiti covers the walls. Photo: Henry Shaw

Photo: Henry Shaw

The windows have been covered up. Photo: Henry Shaw

The trust originally bought the house in the 1980s to house nurses but it was used more recently up to 2004 as a rehab unit to bring people with long-term mental health problems back into the community.

This is 12 Lindum Terrace. Photo: Henry Shaw

These were the plans drawn up by Franklin Ellis Architects.

Architects have been busy working on plans to incorporate this house and a couple of others in the same area into a new medical village.

It was given consent to build conditionally in 2018 after a lengthy planning process, but work has not yet started.