September 17, 2019 9.55 am This story is over 50 months old

New waffle cafe opening on Brayford Waterfront today

And in the morning, I’m makin’ waffles

Get ready for some mouthwatering and waffley good sweet treats at a new waffle cafe, which opened on Lincoln’s Brayford Waterfront on Tuesday.

Waffles On The Waterfront is located in the lobby area at the DoubleTree by Hilton Lincoln. It opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday, September 17.

It will be open from 10am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-8pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays.

Photo: Waffles On The Waterfront

Fresh, tasty waffles will be available to eat in or takeaway topped, sprinkled and drizzled with a range of toppings. This even includes some with the hotel’s signature cookies.

The new cafe said it will only use eco-friendly take out packaging and wooden cutlery and waste coffee grounds recycled at local allotments.

Photo: Waffles On The Waterfront

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