September 13, 2019 1.45 pm This story is over 50 months old

Six-week last hurrah for Jolly Brewer

It may re-open permanently

A popular Lincoln pub famed for its live music and open mic nights will re-open for at least six weeks from next week.

It will re-open for a last hurrah from 4pm on Monday, September 16 until at least October 28, but The Lincolnite understands it may then stay open permanently.

The Jolly Brewer on Broadgate was put up for sale earlier this year and was looking for a new owner. The previous tenant Mark Siddy, who had run the pub for six years, wanted to leave early.

The last day of trading was on Saturday, September 7, leaving regulars at a loss.

The freehold was listed online by Everard Cole asking for offers in the region of £350,000. A buyer has now been found and it is going through legal proceedings.

Jon Heald at Everard Cole told The Lincolnite: “It is under offer. The sale is being precipitated by the current tenant wanting to leave. The landlord has put it on the market and it is now under offer with buyers wanting to acquire it as a freehold. It is now in the legal process.

“It closed recently as the tenant wanted to leave early, but the landlord wanted to minimise the closure time and has employed a management company to keep it trading in the meantime.

“We can’t say when the building will transfer over, but to the best of our knowledge the purchasers are looking at keeping it open.”

The Jolly Brewer is popular among locals.

Carli Battle, 32, who has worked at the pub as a bar supervisor for nearly four years, will be managing the pub over the next six weeks.

She told The Lincolnite four of the same staff from before will be working at the pub.

She said: “I’m not happy about it being sold, but I’m going to enjoy the next six weeks. I’m not sure what will happen next.

“I think it will allow customers who couldn’t make it before, especially the locals, the chance to come back again.

“It’s great because I’ve still got a job and I love it here. I’m really chuffed as it is a big part of my life. The music nights and our beer festival weekends are the fondest memories for me.”

The popular beer garden at The Jolly Brewer. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Over the next six weeks the Jolly Brewer will be open with the same opening times as before except for Monday’s re-opening night.

Open Mic nights will take place every Wednesday with band nights every Friday and Saturday. Quiz nights have already been planned for September 26 and October 10. A comedy night will take place on October 3.

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