November 21, 2019 5.04 pm This story is over 31 months old

Adorable! Seal gives birth to pup on camera at Donna Nook

A heartwarming moment

A heartwarming video captured the moment a seal gave birth to a pup at Donna Nook, as the total number of births nears the one thousand mark.

Anna Scott sent in the footage to Lincolnshire Reporter after her visit to the nature reserve on the coast of North Lincolnshire.

It shows the seal mum to be close to the viewing platform whilst she pushes out her adorable pup, much to the amazement of onlookers.

The heartwarming video was captured at Donna Nook. Photo: Anna Scott

The first seal pup of the season at Donna Nook was born on Sunday, October 27.

Donna Nook Warden’s Facebook page issued its weekly update at around 11.43am on November 16, at which point there were 362 bulls, 1254 cows and 872 pups.

The warden has also said that the much-loved Ropeneck is back at the reserve and gave birth to her pup on November 19.