November 14, 2019 4.11 pm This story is over 31 months old

Freak lightning strike blows up roof of Lincoln village home

The ceiling has collapsed and there is a big hole in the roof

A Lincoln villager has described the horrifying moment lightning struck his bungalow, blowing through the roof and smashing glass – all while he was inside.

Jim Walker, 83, was sitting in the back of his Navenby bungalow when he heard what he described as a “colossal bang” at around 11am on Thursday, November 14.

He was shaken by the sound at first, and when he went to investigate he saw that the ceiling had collapsed in the living room and there was a big hole in the roof.

Where the lightning hit. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite

Remarkably, Jim was not injured in the strike on Headland Way and his wife Yvonne was out at the time taking their cat to the local cattery.

“It was like being taken back to the blitz in London,” the ex-serviceman told The Lincolnite whilst warming up at his neighbour Dave’s bungalow next door.

“The fire and rescue service were out this morning and put a plastic sheet over the hole in the roof to prevent today’s heavy rain from getting in.”

It blew off the roof tiles and the aerial. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite

When the couple showed a reporter from The Lincolnite around their home, there was a distinct burning smell in the air caused by fried cables.

Both Jim and Yvonne will be staying at a bed and breakfast tonight before the insurers sort out some more permanent accommodation for them.

They fear that they could have to leave their home for months, somewhere Jim has lived for the past 16 years.

Jim points out where the lightning hit his home. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite

At the moment, the electricity on the street is still working, but the phone lines are down. Engineers have been out today to try and fix the line.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue added: “Lincoln South and Brant Broughton attended where a lightning strike to property had affected electricity and phone lines and caused smoke to appear.

“Crews requested attendance of utilities companies to isolate power, and checked over the property for any further damage.”