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Lincoln court upholds eviction notice on homeless couple

They are now hopeful of getting some support

A judge has ruled against a homeless couple who pitched up a tent in Lincoln — but despite the decision, they are now hopeful of getting some support.

Much to the surprise of the court, the homeless couple went to a hearing at Lincoln County Court on Friday, December 20 hoping to get the eviction notice overturned.

“The judge was much more interested in our humanitarian needs than the council’s rights,” the man who did not wish to be named told The Lincolnite after the hearing.

“We listened to what the council had to say. They claimed they had complaints from local businesses and other residents, but they couldn’t say who they were or provide any evidence.”

As previously reported, the City of Lincoln Council staked a notice outside their tents which warned of upcoming legal action for refusing to leave St Swithins Square.

In a letter shared with The Lincolnite by the couple, who said they fell foul to Universal Credit, the council also added that it would try to pass on its legal costs to the tune of £432.

Now the couple, who are originally from Boston, has promised to pack up on Monday, December 23 if the council follows through on its promise to house them together.

Homelessness seems to be on the rise in Lincoln. Photo: The Lincolnite

The homeless man continued: “It doesn’t make sense keeping us apart. We would just stay in the same room and that’s a space taken from someone else.

“What do they think we are going to do? We are not going to breed like rabbits in there, my wife is 50-years-old and I am 42-years-old so we don’t want any more children.

“A lady just came up to us and gave us £10 because they heard about our plight in The Lincolnite. It’s not about the money but it’s nice to have so much support.

“If we didn’t have each other we would probably die this winter. We need to be together, we have been together for six years and we’ve hardly had an argument.

“We love each other. There is nobody who can tear us apart.”

The council wants to evict them. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite

It comes as a time where Lincoln has been highlighted as having the fourth-highest number of rough sleepers in the East Midlands, according to a new report by Shelter.

Francesca Bell, public protection and anti-social behaviour manager at City of Lincoln Council told The Lincolnite that the couple has refused support.

She added: “We have spoken to the occupiers of the tent and offered them our support and assistance in finding more suitable accommodation, but this has been refused.

“We have highlighted to them that they are on private property and have asked them to leave the site. They have repeatedly stated that they would, but have yet to do so.

“We have received reports of anti-social behaviour from nearby residents and concerns have also been raised by local businesses.

“This step is a last resort and has only been done following all our previous actions being rebuffed. We remain able to assist if the occupiers of the tent are willing to engage with us.”

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