February 17, 2020 12.27 pm This story is over 45 months old

Watch as horrified magnet fishermen pull grenade out of Lincoln water

A controlled explosion was carried out

Magnet fishermen have described the moment they pulled out a hand grenade from a river in Lincoln as “our most deadly magnet fishing catch to date” that “could have killed someone.”

The find (at minute 14.50 in the video above) sparked a police evacuation and controlled explosion, with disposal teams describing the discovery as ‘too unstable to move.’

As previously reported, police cordoned off the Stamp End area for several hours and evacuated homes on Sunday, January 26. Police, EOD bomb disposal unit, EMAS, fire crews and other agencies worked together to deal with the incident.

A team from the bomb disposal unit carried at a successfully controlled explosion at 11.30pm that evening. People were allowed back into their homes just over half an hour later at around midnight.

The suspected hand grenade. Photo: Magnetic g

A team from the bomb disposal unit carried at a successfully controlled explosion. Photo: Magnetic g

‘Magnetic g’ released video footage (hand grenade incident at around 14.50 in video) on February 15 saying: “Magnet fishing finds don’t get more deadly than this. It could have killed someone.

“We pulled out a live WW2 Mills grenade. The bomb squad usually takes grenades away to somewhere quiet to carry out a controlled explosion.

A police cordon was put in place. Photo: Magnetic g

“When the bomb squad examined and x-rayed our grenade they deemed it to be too unstable to move. The grenade could have exploded at any time.

“The grenade had to be blown up at the side of the river where it was found. Nearby homes had to be evacuated for safety.”

Police evacuated the area.

A team from the bomb disposal unit were called to the scene. Photo: Magnetic g

Lincolnshire Police previously released the following drone footage of the incident: