March 16, 2020 11.07 am This story is over 44 months old

Crazy scenes in Lincolnshire supermarkets as coronavirus stockpiling continues

Panic buying sets in in Lincolnshire

Long queues were seen outside supermarkets in Lincolnshire over the weekend as people continued to stockpile over fears of the spread of coronavirus.

Supermarkets in Lincolnshire started rationing supplies earlier this month. A photo was captured of hoards of people waiting to get into Aldi on Wragby Road in Lincoln shortly before 10am on Sunday, March 15.

Shoppers have been seen stocking up with large amounts of items including toilet roll, hand sanitiser and other essentials, leaving many of the shelves looking rather bare.

On Saturday afternoon, Lidl on Dixon street was out of still water, toilet roll, cleaning supplied, dry pasta, sauce jars or tins.

Empty shelves have recently been seen at other stores in Lincoln and across the country including at Co-op, Waitrose, ASDA, and Morrisons.

Empty shelves were seen in the toilet roll/cleaning products section at the Lincolnshire Co-op store on Boultham Park Road. Photo: Matt Smith

Co-op stores are among the shops rationing products. All Lincolnshire Co-op food stores have restrictions in place for three items per person including on toilet roll, kitchen roll, hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap, antibacterial handwash and surface wipes.

Although several people complained on social media about the large queues and the “stupidity” of panic buying, others at some stores managed to do food shopping without much issue.

Aldi on Queen Street in Boston. Photo: David James

It wasn’t just in Lincoln as crowds were also spotted outside the Aldi store on Queen Street in Boston on Sunday morning.