March 20, 2020 1.42 pm This story is over 44 months old

Lincoln stockpilers are still being picky about certain items

A trip to Morrison’s

People have been swamping supermarkets for coronavirus panic stockpiling, but they’re still picky about certain things.

Supermarket chains have had to close overnight to restock goods, and there has been a limit to the number of items in certain stores.

There are some items that have been neglected amongst this, products that even a global pandemic couldn’t shift off the shelf.

Morrison’s on Tritton Road in Lincoln have worked tirelessly to restock for the oncoming rush, but they don’t appear to have much to worry about with certain produce.

Whether it be obscure crisp flavours or a lesser known brand, they stick out like a sore thumb on the sparsely stacked supermarket shelves.

We visited the supermarket on Friday lunch time, when it was still very busy.

Pickled onion crisps clearly not a fan favourite. Photo: Ellis Karran

Koko almond milk looking lonely after all the long-life cow’s milk has gone. Photo: Ellis Karran

And it’s not just human food that is feeling the wrath of this, pet food is also being specifically chosen.

Pâté doesn’t seem to be a favourite for owners in quarantine with cats. Photo: Ellis Karran

With self-isolation involving a lot of time at home, you would expect a lot of house maintenance and cleaning to take place. Clearly shoppers prefer the alternatives to Zoflora’s disinfectant range.

Zoflora disinfectant, maybe it smells? Photo: Ellis Karran

Perhaps rather ironically, the Mother’s Day aisle was fully stocked with cards, gift bags, flowers and chocolates.

The alcohol aisle is still well stocked up — for now!

The Lincolnite reported that shops will be recruiting temporary staff to try and combat the growing demand for stockpiling goods.

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