March 16, 2020 2.49 pm This story is over 44 months old

Man jailed for causing death of devoted father near Boston

He has now been sentenced

A man who caused the death of a motorscooter driver and devoted father when he overtook two lorries and failed to see his headlight was jailed for two years and three months on Monday.

Tomas Jonusaitis, 24, admitted causing the death of William Knox Farquhar, 44, by dangerous driving when he collided with his motorscooter on the A1121 Boardsides at Hubberts Bridge.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Mr Farquhar, known as Billy, was a devoted father from Tattershall who lost his life as he drove to work at around 5.30am on October 26, 2018.

Sarah Knight, prosecuting, said the collision was witnessed by lorry driver Martin Freeman who had left the Tesco distribution centre in Boston and was travelling west along the A1121.

Mr Freeman was driving the lorry directly in front of the car being driven by Jonusaitis.

He observed the car seemed content to sit behind him but expressed surprise when Jonusaitis pulled out to overtake shortly before the 40mph limit at Hubberts Bridge.

Miss Knight said: “As the car pulled level with Mr Freeman he observed a headlight coming in the opposite direction.

“To him it was obvious it belonged to a motorbike or similar vehicle.

“Mr Freeman took the foot off his accelerator to allow a gap for the car to pull in, but it continued to make a second overtake.”

Tragically Mr Farquhar’s motorscooter collided with the car and he was thrown over the bonnet. He suffered multiple injuries and died at the scene.

“The impact occured completely in the eastbound lane. There was nothing Mr Farquhar could do,” Miss Knight told the court.

“There was an opportunity to pull in between the two HGVs.”

During police interview Jonusaitis, who had no previous convictions and returned a negative breath test, said he was driving to work in Heckington with a colleague and wasn’t late.

He told officers he saw a light but it seemed to be along way away and he thought it was a car.

When he realised there were two lorries he accelerated, and admitted making a wrong decision.

The case was delayed after Jonusaitis returned lawfully to his native Lithuania and the charge was sent to an address he no longer lived at.

When he was tracked down by police, Jonusaitis returned willingly to the UK where he has been in custody. Police had previously issued a wanted appeal for Jonusaitis after he failed to appear at Boston Magistrates’ Court on September 11, 2019.

Miss Knight read out a moving personal statement from Mr Farquhar’s partner, Kelly Farquhar.

“My best friend was gone. A big part of me died that day. We had no time to say goodbye,” she said

“The image that day will haunt me forever.”

She revealed the couple’s two children were also devastated by their father’s death

“They have so much to deal with,” she said.

She added no one apart from their mother had told them “sorry.”

Jonusaitis, of Taurage, Lithuania, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving on October 26, 2018.

Passing sentence, Judge Simon Hirst said it was clear that Mr Farquhar’s headlight was illuminated and there to be seen.

The judge also made it clear no sentence could put a value on Mr Farquhar’s life.

“Mr Freeman saw the motorbike coming in the opposite direction, he realised what could happen,” the judge added.

“You didn’t pull in and you continued ahead.”

The judge finished by saying: “Mr Farquhar was a man who was deeply loved by many people.”

Jonusaitis was also banned from driving for three years and must take an extended retest.