March 24, 2020 10.21 am This story is over 43 months old

Police to fine people up to £1,000 for disobeying lockdown

PM ordered lockdown across the UK

Lincolnshire Police will have new powers to enforce the lockdown Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced for the next three weeks due to the coronavirus crisis.

The PM said that all non-essential services and shops will be shut and people will be fined if they disobey the rules and leave their home without a good reason.

Police will be able to enforce rules, including a ban on public gatherings of more than two people.

Anyone caught disobeying these measures could face a fine between £30 and £1,000 from Thursday.

This is when a bill containing new legislation to deal with coronavirus is expected to become law.

Kerrin Wilson, Assistant Chief Constable at Lincolnshire Police, said the force has enough officers to deal with this situation.

She said: “I fully expect that the people of Lincolnshire will abide by the new restrictions put in place, many already are. We will make sure our officers talk to people, explain, reassure, and support.

“For those in the minority who aren’t listening and who decide that they shouldn’t follow national advice in the midst of this global health crisis, we will have new powers to enforce social distancing.

“We are working through the exact detail of what that means but these are powers we should not have to use, but will do so if necessary.

“We want people to be responsible, to realise that their actions can put people in danger, and the priority for Lincolnshire Police together with our other emergency service colleagues is to protect the vulnerable and literally save lives.

“We have enough officers to deal with this and we have spent years planning for emergency situations such as this. We will continue to police, we will continue to be there for you.

“We all signed up to Lincolnshire Police to help save lives. Now is the time for you to help us save lives – stay at home, stay safe. Thank you for your support.”

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