March 10, 2020 4.37 pm This story is over 44 months old

Rum-believable: Lincoln distillery launches new spiced rum

Another first for Lincolnshire

Lincoln’s only rum distillery has launched its first spiced rum – Charybdis – using flavours of orange and cherry.

As previously reported, chef and dad-of-four Sam Owen started the Unconventional Distillery Company in 2019 and created something completely new. This included what is believed to be a world first – a botanically distilled rum called Pioneer, which is a pink rum flavoured with elderflower, citrus and pepper.

Sam has been working on its spiced rum flavour for over two years to try and create the perfect recipe. In addition to using flavours of orange and cherry, a secret blend of spices helps give a smooth flavour to the new product. It is available to buy online here, with prices starting from £4 for a 5cl bottle.

The team at Unconventional Distillery were keen to move away from the traditional branding used by many distilleries, but still wanted to remember the heritage of rum when coming up with the new product’s name.

Charbydis, which is pronounced Kha-rub-dis, was a sea monster in Greek mythology and the daughter of Poseidon. The story says that Charybdis lived under a rock on the Strait of Messina and used to create huge whirlpools by swallowing and belching large amounts of water.

Sam Owen, Managing Director, said: “When we launched in September 2019 we brought to the market the world first botanically distilled rum, Pioneer. Since then we have been busy working to create new flavours.

“Launching a spiced rum has always been one of our main priorities but we wanted to make sure we got the flavours and blend that would suit our distillery. The spiced rum market is the most popular flavour so we wanted to make sure we have something that people will remember.”