April 14, 2020 4.12 pm This story is over 43 months old

Plea as lockdown fly-tippers dump rubbish in Boston

Having a spring clean?

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council said that in two weeks there had been 50 reported fly-tips and staff were collecting around five unreported dumps a day that had not been reported.

Local tips closed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesman said, however, an additional issue was that  “people shouldn’t be out and about unless they are key working so shouldn’t/won’t be reported in the same way as normal.”

The authority has made a number of suggestions for people clearing out their homes, including looking at where items could be upcycled.

Some residents have also taken to social media to air their concerns about dumped rubbish in the town.

Residents have also taken to social media to air their concerns.

Authorities across Lincolnshire have been putting out warnings, including the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF) – a network of councils and emergency services leading the response to Covid-19.

A statement from the LRF said: “With tips closed and licenced handlers unable to take it, you’ll have to hold on to any #springclean accumulations.

“Fly-tipping causes environmental harm at the best of times. #stayhomesavelives and don’t even think about dumping rubbish.

“Local councils, the police and other agencies have enough to be doing right now, but they’re still watching, investigating and enforcing, so just don’t.”

However, other councils have reported a lack of evidence that fly-tipping had increased.

In North Lincolnshire, which closed its tips at the end of March, officials said statistics had “actually reduced”.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people of North East Lincolnshire for doing their bit in keeping our community clean, green and tidy.

“I ask people to continue to be responsible with their rubbish and not fly-tip at bring to sites. If they are full, do not just dump your waste. When the sites are fly-tipped, it means our staff have to be taken from their regular duties to clean up the mess.”

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