April 28, 2020 5.05 pm This story is over 50 months old

RSPCA deals with over 380 incidents in Lincolnshire during lockdown

Including three rabbits found abandoned by the side of the road

RSPCA rescuers have dealt with more than 380 incidents in Lincolnshire since the start of lockdown, including saving three rabbits that were abandoned by the side of the road in Bardney.

Since the government announced lockdown last month, RSPCA rescuers have dealt with 21,137 incidents of animal cruelty and suffering animals which need help.

Of these, 382 were in Lincolnshire, including the three rabbits who were found in a box with no food or water.

They were collected on Wragby Road by Animal Collection Officer Sharon Knight on Monday, April 13.

The tan lop female, a black and white lop female, and black and white dutch male rabbit are now getting some much-needed care and attention.

Sharon said: “These rabbits had been left inside a box by the side of the road with no food or water.

“We understand that everyone is going through a difficult time at the moment but we would urge any owners who are struggling to care for their pets to please contact family and friends for help, rather than abandoning them like this. Thankfully, these are three healthy rabbits and they are now being cared for until they can be rehomed.”

The RSPCA’s animal rescuers have been designated as key workers by the government, but funding is still needed to help its frontline staff continue its crucial work across England and Wales.

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During the coronavirus crisis, the RSPCA have been operating an emergency service and rescuing animals in need. They have also been collecting animals from homes of people who have been admitted to hospital with COVID-19 and may not have anyone else to care for them while they are being treated.

The charity is looking after 4,200 animals nationally during lockdown (as of April 26). There are thousands more at RSPCA branches which are charities in their own right.