April 27, 2020 10.37 am This story is over 50 months old

Speedsters take advantage of lockdown – police ramp up enforcement

Drivers have been caught doing 76mph in a 40mph zone, and 51mph in a 30mph

Lincolnshire Police are ramping up enforcement against speeding as “irresponsible drivers” have started to take advantage of quieter roads under lockdown.

Officers have recorded motorists doing “unacceptable and dangerous” speeds, including nearly double the speed limit in Woodhall and a 51mph driver on Burton Road, in Lincoln.

A statement from the force said: “We are experiencing a small rise in irresponsible drivers taking advantage of the quieter roads and driving at higher speeds. You’ve told us this too and we have taken action to increase our enforcement.”

Bosses said they were taking action to reduce the burden on the NHS and would have specialist operations officers on patrol day and night in marked and unmarked vehicles.

Neighbourhood officers will also be conducting speed checks.

Head of Specialist Operations Superintendent Paul Timmins said officers on a 40mph limit in Woodhall Spa had caught speeds including 68, 70 and 76mph.

He said: “The drivers that are speeding and causing huge concern to others are known to their family members and friends.

“Have those conversations about how speeding and inconsiderate driving will affect you if they are injured or if they injure someone else

“There is no second chance, the faster someone goes the less time they have to react. We’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk, to protect everyone we know who goes to work to save lives in the NHS. I’m asking you to help too.”

“The traffic is different the speed limit is not.”

The force has also shared a video in a bid to raise awareness.