May 7, 2020 2.16 pm This story is over 42 months old

“Kim Jong-un is watching”: Man jailed for brandishing pistol in bizarre rampage

He threatened local people with a firearm

A man involved in a series of bizarre incidents as he walked the streets near Lincoln brandishing a pistol has been jailed for three years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Thomas Smith claimed to be a police officer when challenged as he walked around North Hykeham in the early morning and at one point told a resident that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was watching over them.

Chris Jeyes, prosecuting, said that Smith first attracted attention at 3.30 am when a resident woke up to discover him in his garden.

Smith was confronted but simply responded: “I’m with the feds. Wrong garden.”

Just over two hours later, Smith was seen by another resident who was driving along Taurus Avenue in the town on his way to work.

Mr Jeyes said: “The resident saw a man in the middle of the road. The driver stopped and went to open his window.

“Smith then opened the car door. He had a black handgun with him. The defendant ordered the driver to get out of the car and continued to point the gun at him.”

Smith demanded to see the man’s ID but when told he had none Smith then asked him to hand over his phone.

Mr Jeyes said: “The driver did so. The defendant saw it was an Apple iPhone. That upset him. He threw it on the floor and stamped on it.

“He then picked the phone up and threw it into the man’s car. Smith told the man to go away and as he drove off Smith kicked out and damaged the number plate of the vehicle.”

The end of the incident was witnessed by another resident who was about to go to work. Smith shouted at the man who could see he was holding a gun. The man, fearing for his safety, ran back into his home.

Smith approached two other residents demanding to see their ID and appeared agitated before he was confronted by a fifth resident on Tiber Road.

Mr Jeyes said: “By this time the defendant was topless. He was screaming and shouting.”

Smith grabbed at the man’s jacket screaming at him to hand over the phone.

The man pushed Smith away and Smith reacted by punching him. The resident overpowered Smith and took him to the ground. Other people in the street then helped restrain Smith until police arrived.

Mr Jeyes said: “The defendant was saying strange things while he was restrained. He said he was a police officer and also said he was a member of staff at the prison.

“He said Kim Jong-un was watching over us. He said that if he got loose he would rip their heads off.”

Smith went on to spit in the face of the police officer who arrested him. He was then taken to Lincoln Police Station, but while being interviewed he launched himself at an officer and had to be restrained again.

The gun was later found near to where Smith was detained. It was a 9mm pistol which was a blank firing weapon.

Smith, 43, of Caesar Road, North Hykeham, admitted two charges of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence as a result of the incidents on the morning of September 10, 2019.

He also admitted attempted robbery, two charges of damaging property, two charges of assaulting an emergency worker and a charge of possession of cannabis.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, in mitigation, said: “This was an extremely bizarre episode.

“It is perfectly plain that Mr Smith was having some kind of psychotic episode. No doubt that with his underlying mental health problems exacerbated by his misuse of drugs he was behaving in a way that was completely irrational.

“He cannot begin to explain why he behaved as he did. He says he is so disgusted by his behaviour.”

Mr Cranmer-Brown said that Smith had been a drug user for 25 years and at the time of the incident was coming off fentonyl and heroin and had been smoking very strong cannabis.

“He is normally a decent, kind and compassionate man.”