May 21, 2020 12.06 pm This story is over 49 months old

Lincolnshire coronavirus mortuary still on standby for second wave

The 500 capacity facility was not needed

A Lincolnshire mortuary put in place in case hospitals were overwhelmed during the coronavirus crisis has not been needed, but is still on standby for a possible second wave.

The mortuary at RAF Woodhall Spa was part of preparations by the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum for worst case scenarios, in case of a massive rise in numbers of coronavirus fatalities.

The hope was to enable those who died to be “treated with dignity and respect.”

Photo: John Aron

Deputy Chief Officer at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Mark Baxter confirmed the 500 capacity facility was still in place.

“Fortunately we haven’t really needed that facility,” said Mr Baxter.

“We need to be mindful, however, that there is still slight uncertainty whether there’ll be a second wave of the virus, and so it’s only right that we still continue to have those contingency plans in place for us to be able to stand it up as and when we have a need.

“If, in the future, we do need it for the COVID-19 or any other reason then we know that we’ve got that facility available for the people of Lincolnshire,” he added.

Photo: John Aron

The latest government statistics saw the number of official cases in Lincolnshire rise by 18 to give a total of 1,061 people who have officially tested positive.

A total of 192 people who have tested positive for the virus have died, according to the official figures.

However, experts believe the numbers could be much higher than the official statistics say.