June 19, 2020 12.55 pm This story is over 48 months old

Police to facilitate second Lincoln Black Lives Matter protest

Organisers are hoping for another peaceful event

Lincolnshire Police will facilitate what is expected to be a second trouble free Black Lives Matter protest in Lincoln on Saturday.

Some 500 people gathered in Lincoln earlier this month for the first protest. The next protest is expected to be even bigger with 800 people marching, and police confirmed they will be in attendance.

The march will start at 5pm from the University of Lincoln Library/Engine Shed area before moving to the cathedral, and people attending are being encouraged to wear mask and gloves and to maintain social distancing.

Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Trouble flared at a recent Black Lives Matter Protest in Cleethorpes on June 13. Although Humberside Police said it was a largely peaceful event, officers had to keep away an opposing smaller group which chanted “all lives matter” and even had to pepper-spray them to get them to back off.

Grimsby Town FC issued a statement condemning the behaviour of certain individuals wearing the club’s shirts and causing trouble.  A local comedian criticised a thug who threw eggs at the protest, and two men were charged with assaulting police.

Humberside Police said the protest was largely peaceful, but a small group of people not protesting decided to use it as an opportunity to behave “inappropriately, threatening and assaulting officers”. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Reporter

Lincolnshire Police is hoping for a trouble free event in Lincoln on Saturday and is determined to keep the public safe.

Nicola Mayo, Chief Superintendent at Lincolnshire Police, said: “We appreciate that people might be concerned about the event taking place because of guidelines around social distancing. We understand that people want to make their voices heard and speak out about what has become a global issue.

“The right to lawful protest is a key part of any democracy, which the police will uphold and facilitate, but we of course need to balance that with our responsibilities around keeping the public safe in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

“We have been working with the organisers and will engage with people attending to enable them to exercise their right in a safe manner and we ask that people continue to work with officers at this challenging time.”

Black Lives Matter Lincoln wants to solidify its stance after the success of the first protest to show “we won’t be going away until Black Lives Matter”.

The group said: “This is the time to push through. Real genuine change could be around the corner and we might never have known if we stop now. Please stand with us again.”

Lincoln Centre Police also issued advice ahead of the Black Lives Matter protest on June 20.

One of the organisers Leonard Chatonzwa said that police suggested they have volunteer wardens to help guide the attendees of the march.