September 25, 2020 2.00 pm This story is over 38 months old

Top Lincolnshire copper speaks out against force misogyny

Then deletes the accidental tweet

Lincolnshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson accidentally posted a tweet accusing her own colleagues of misogyny, before deleting the message just minutes later.

The tweet went live to Kerrin Wilson’s 2,600 followers on Sunday evening at 11.25pm, but was very quickly deleted from her profile.

It appears to have been intended as a direct message to “a senior leader” in policing called Mike, but his identity is unknown.

In the message she said: “Sadly the sexism thing is very much alive and well in Lincolnshire. Probably more than other forces I’ve been in. Happy to share some experiences and how you as a senior leader can counter the narrative.”

An accidental social media callout by Lincs Police’s assistant chief constable.

Kerrin Wilson was hired in 2018 by Bill Skelly, the outgoing Chief Constable of the force.

She has a 25 year career in policing and was previously commander of Armed Response and Roads Policing in the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit (CDSOU).

Chief Constable Bill Skelly said: “We’re working hard to understand any issues where individuals may have experienced sexism, or indeed have been exposed to any instances of discrimination that might have caused them difficulty.

“As Chief Constable I’m committed to ensuring our workplace is inclusive and equal. I want to make sure that we have a culture that drives out discrimination of any kind and I think that we’ve made significant steps towards that in recent years.

“We’ve looked very closely at the make-up of our workforce and how representative we are of the communities that we police, and this includes gender equality. We will continue that work and will continue to make sure opportunities are offered to all, without bias.

“In addition to that, I also want to make sure our staff feel they can talk to colleagues about any problems, or formally report any instances of discrimination of any kind.

“There is always more to do and I will make sure we continue to drive forward at pace so Lincolnshire Police celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for everyone.”